Last September was a wonderful month.  Right at the beginning, we returned from our holiday in the Scottish Highlands and began excitedly making plans to move there.  Although I have wanted to live in Scotland for over 20 years, that is when our Scottish Dream began as a family.

In contrast, last October was a really horrible month.  Within those 4 weeks we found out that we were losing our home as our landlord had defaulted on his mortgage, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and our ongoing nightmare with Excel Parking began.  I knew more than ever that, above all else, we HAD to move to Scotland.  Sometimes you just have to take stock of everything that is going on around you and accept that there are times when you need to make some big changes in your life in order to actually enjoy being alive.

I am so pleased that my endless nights of trawling the internet, doing research and sending emails has paid off and we found our dream.  It is now just over 70 hours until we set off on Friday to begin our new adventure and put the last year behind us and I couldn’t be more excited!  I really can’t wait to take hundreds of photos and share our rural heaven with everyone and inspire you to get planning your holiday to Rigg House B&B!