Oh my goodness…we are very nearly there. I’m writing this in Dumfries Travelodge on the morning of moving into our dream house and beginning our new life. My family are still fast asleep – I was the last one to go to sleep and yet the first one to awake and I think I dreamt about the house for the 5 hours that I did manage to sleep.

I don’t think I can really put into words how excited I actually am. The only time I felt this excited was back when I was in my early twenties when I found a place to live in Amsterdam. This dream is like the grown up version of that one.

It will be a huge relief to put our Manchester life behind us. I just became so tired of having to fight for everything all of the time just to keep our heads above water. It really was no way to live and our quality of life was pretty low by some standards. All in all I think it was simply impossible to be happy whilst living in a place that wasn’t right for us – and there had been too many signs telling us to make this big change.

So, by the time I next have the chance to write I’ll be living in a stunning 6 bedroom farmhouse in Scotland. And I can’t wait to share our dream with everyone!